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Sales conditions

Ishtar is a simulation company of VDAB Training and Education Sint-Niklaas (Belgium). All the transactions of Ishtar are virtual and are not legally binding! Our sales are subject to the below mentioned general terms and conditions. When placing an order, the customer is supposed to know and accept the general terms and conditions.


Our prices are VAT not included.
Ishtar can change prices at any time.


The term of delivery is 2 weeks of receipt of order.

For each delivery we charge a shipping cost which depends on the weight and the volume of the consignment.

There is no right to compensation on breaking the contract.

Terms of payment

Payment of the invoice within 30 days. There’s a 2 % discount for payment within 8 days.

When the invoice is not paid within 30 days, a 4 % delay interest will be charged.

Returning the goods

The goods can only be taken back with a preceding formal agreement. The goods must be returned in the original state.


2 years guarantee on any manufacturing defects and premature wear due to normal use.


Complaints must be reported within 48 hours by telephone or within 5 days by letter.

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